I've created this 30 minutes episode that was co-produced with TAL ( More that 10 TV stations in different countries are involved in the complete season. This project provided me with a lot fun moments. I chose very close friends to be interviewed: Sofía Gallisa and Giovanni Escalera.

As a result, we have contacted Mexican leaders with expertise in their areas to create a bi-national television project. It has definitely provided me with a rewarding experience; and all participants have developed a great bond. Being involved in this type of project makes me value my job.

Producer and Editor: Mitzi Hernandez

Cameraman: Tom Kane

Graphics: Melissa Ramos

Produced this video to promote an educational app. Coordinated with the public schools of New York for the recordings, wrote the script, and worked in the post-production.

Short description about EnFoco and the cultural events covered in 2009.

Estos son algunos de los eventos que cubrí durante el 2009. Durante todo el año fueron creados de dos a tres segmentos por semana, sobre arte y cultura iberoamericana en Nueva York.

Intros of the projects that were finish between 2008 - 2010.